This book of “True Stories” has garnered so much attention that a movie is scheduled to be in the works!

You & Me, God – Memoirs of God’s Love & Protection

In the book of Isaiah, Chapter 30 and verse 18 (NIV), the Bible says: Yet the lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!

Jean Marie Quirin-FrierdichIf anyone knows the grace and graciousness of God, it’s long time domestic abuse survivor, Jean Quirin-Frierdich! After reading what she has been through, you will agree that her English name, “Jean” which means, God is Gracious”, is not a coincidence!

Everybody has a story that details the direction that their life has taken them: Some lives are amazing sagas of brave and heroic accomplishments. Some lives hold stories of silver spoons, while others are sprinkled with equal bits of joy and pain. The events and trials that we go through in our lives are our building blocks. They make us who we are and we are all a product of the days of our lives, but rarely do we read true and powerful stories of God’s personal interaction with the people that He loves. Even less common is the tenacity and long suffering that Jean displayed throughout decades of hurt, maltreatment and evil attacks. In the end, however, the power of God prevailed!

These are her memoirs, true stories of victory directed by God, written to encourage, and set other victims free. This book is a riveting saga of true victory that will keep you turning page after page, on the edge of your seat! It is a testimony of what it takes to bounce back, pursue, overcome and recover all that the devil tries to take from our lives.

Jean, the consummate survivor is now a successful business owner, author and firm believer in the saving power of God. She currently lives in Southern Illinois with her husband.

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“I like to take time out to thank Jean Quirin Frierdich for writing and releasing her book "You & Me, God" This book blessed my life so much. I encourage everyone to read it. This book has help me to know and believe no matter what life brings your way. We serve a God who is always there and will never give up on his children and he hears our prayers. Jean I love you so much for sharing your life journey. You never gave up .I truly hope this book bless everyone that reads it as much as it blessed me .I can truly see a movie behind this book. Let God continue using you my sister. I love you. Your sister in Christ.” - Deloris Bailey

“I was blown away by the brutal honest memoir Jean has written. When I first met her she expressed her deep faith in the Lord and the more I got to know her and see what she endured, I can see where her devotion and faith served her well. Under insurmountable odds as described in her book, this beautiful, generous, kind and talented soul survived, and thrived. This book is a true testament to the power of prayer and loving and trusting God. I encourage everyone no matter your religious belief, to pick up this book and devour it. You will read words that will make you cry, be mad, become outraged, but also you will laugh, yell Amen and believe in yourself and your goals as Jean has done. I am proud to call Jean my friend. She has shown me the only thing to hold me back is me. This book is a gem.” - Denise C

“A couple weeks ago my longtime friend Jean Quirin stopped by my house with a gift. It was a signed copy of her book, “You & Me, God”. It is biographical in nature and demonstrates how her faith has helped her through difficult times in her life. Also shows how God has blessed her with 3 children and a wonderful husband, an extraordinary mind for business and unrelenting energy and sense of humor. I read it in about 3 days. I was familiar with a lot of her story as I was right beside her as a witness to some of it. I was still unaware of some of the darker days of life she dealt with bravely and with faith. I highly suggest everyone get their hands on this personal story of Jean’s and use its lessons as a way to see life’s difficulties in a positive light. Not sure when it hits bookstores but take my word for it…It is powerful. Thank you Jean for thinking of me and getting an advance copy.” - Denise H

“Inspirational from cover to cover! Jean's testimony encouraged me to keep fighting no matter what the tests or trials of life may bring! Surrender yourself to God and there is nothing you cannot do! A great read for both saved and unsaved alike! Would make a great movie too! AAA+++” - Ray W

“Wow! What a great book! This was a very inspirational book about trusting in God and having the faith to know that God will see you through! This book kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see how things would turn out! I recommend this to anyone looking for a great book about real life struggles and the inspiration and faith it takes to get you through!” - Malena

“A wonderful testimony of your trust in God and his plan. Extremely easy to relate to in all of our life situations. Great book!” - Christina

“Loved Jean's book. I am a compulsive reader, and when I got her book I could not put it down. I had to read one more chapter because I wanted to know what happened next…I like her style of writing. It is a very good book.” - Joan

“You and Me God is a must read! A raw and powerful depiction of how a motivated God loving woman navigated real life struggles and chose to be a victor and not a victim through her relationship with God.” - Ashley